Feminine Wash

A balanced vaginal PH is the key to vaginal health. The vagina has a natural acidic layer that protects it from bad bacteria. The soaps and cleansers you decide to use can affect this PH balance. Frequent use of soaps with high pH values can upset the balance and make you vulnerable to bacterial infection. It is for this reason that feminine wash for vaginal hygiene was developed.

Feminine wash products like Massengill feminine wash or Lactacyd feminine wash are formulated with the right pH balance to gently cleanse the vagina while maintaining its protective pH. So what criteria should you consider to determine the best feminine wash? There are a lot of products to choose from in the marketplace. They include both commercially produced products and natural feminine washes and feminine wipes. They can vary in brands, sizes, and price so it can be hard to make the right choice.


The number one thing to look for when choosing a feminine wash is the pH content. You want to choose the pH content that is compatible with the natural pH of the vagina. The normal range of pH for the vagina is between 3.8 and 4.5 which is slightly acidic. Most soaps have a pH value of 9-10 which is alkaline and can upset the protected acidic balance of the vagina. Make sure you carefully read the labels of the feminine wash products you buy and make sure they say pH balanced. The absolute best course of action is to actually determine your vagina’s pH and find a product that closely matches this. You can find home tests to test your vagina’s pH and confirm the pH of the feminine wash products you buy.

One other important criteria in choosing the best feminine wash is to note the other active ingredients. The objective when choosing a feminine wash is always to maintain a healthy vaginal pH. So you want to make sure your feminine wash has active ingredients that promote a healthy balance and will keep your vagina feeling fresh and irritant free. There are three ingredients you want to keep an eye out for. Your feminine wash should have at least one of the following ingredients. Lactoserum is a natural ingredient refined from milk. Milk has pH levels very close to those of the body and the presence of this ingredient can maintain pH at its natural levels. Lactic Acid, also called milk acid, is a water-soluble liquid and keeps the production of bacteria in check. Lactobacilli are good bacteria which produce lactic acid that keep the vagina safe from infection. The presence of these friendly bacteria safeguards against overgrowth of harmful bacteria, which can cause different infections.

Your vaginal health is important. Choosing to use a safe feminine wash can ensure that your vaginal pH stays at neutral levels. You’ve learned that all feminine washes are not created equal and you want to pay attention to the labels before choosing a feminine wash. Make sure the wash you choose is pH balanced and has at least one of the most effective pH balancing active ingredients. With this information, you can choose the right feminine wash for your daily use.